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“Improving How to Improve – The 3D Workplace” Oct 12th

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Rob Maguire and I are delighted to be co-hosting a webinar with Simon Elias, Director of The Lean Competency System (LCS) on October 12th entitled “Improving How to Improve”, which references our new book “The 3D Workplace”.

In the session we will share why we wrote the book, explain its underlying logic and how it aims to address common challenges, including:

1) how to effect and sustain real change in the workplace,

2) dealing with the same problems day after day,

3) struggling with broken processes,

4) concern that you’re failing your customers and

5) dealing with a culture of blame.

We will also describe the role the LCS framework can play and there will be audience interation through Mentimeter polls, providing insights and learnings.

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