James Lascelles

Twenty-one years ago James read his first book on achieving more for less by focusing on value to customers and removing waste. He was hooked. Not just in a rational way but at a gut level. It resonated with his personal belief of the need to take good care of resources. He decided that this would be his life's career, passion and mission.

Since then he has led over fifty continuous improvement initiatives. Some global. Some much smaller. Through the journey he has learnt a bit about what works and, just as importantly, what doesn't.

After a spell with one of the big five consultancies and then with a global services organisation he joined Baringa Partners LLP. His job was to build the process excellence practice. One of the first people to join him was Rob Maguire with whom he'd worked many years earlier. Eight years later the team had grown to seventy people. Early on in their Baringa journey, James, Rob and colleagues developed the 3D framework. A way of combining the best of the best operational excellence thinking, concepts, tools - call it what you will - into a common-sense framework. 3D has been in continual development ever since and is now used by organisations of every size and sector worldwide.

James now spends his time writing and coaching The 3D Workplace way of working. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and events.


Rob Maguire

Not many people can say they were destined from childhood to be an operations improvement consultant! Even as a young boy Rob was intent on making things work better, from toys to games to school work.

Fast forward several decades and Rob has spent his career understanding how different organisations work to help them operate more effectively and bring about lasting change. First of all with one of the big five consultancies and then with Baringa Partners LLP where he now leads the Operational Excellence practice.

For Rob, it is the people closest to the customer who hold the key to how a business works and can drive the improvements, transforming the work experience for the leadership teams, the clients and most importantly the colleagues themselves.

Rob and James have worked together for many years, often on the same initiatives. The 3D Workplace is a culmination of their working partnership and experiences. Rob hopes that that everyone who embraces its simple principles finds that their time at work becomes that bit more purposeful, productive and satisfying.

Rob is also a frequent speaker at conferences and events.


3D Contributors

A special thanks to the colleagues who have contributed many of the stories and examples in The 3D Workplace.

They are:

Andy Hopkins, Ed Tregurtha, Fabian Schulz, Harry Workman, Ian Thornton, Joel Toms, Jody Coleman, Josh Elliott, Katy Mirzaie, Laurent Lemberger, Matt Jones, Oliver Barnett, Sam Atkins, Simon Tarbett, Sophie Cooke and Verity Rose.