The 3D Workplace Book by authors James Lascelles and Rob McGuire

The 3D Workplace

Lascelles & Maguire

Does your workplace need to change? Are you dealing with the same problems day after day? Struggling with broken processes? Concerned that you’re failing your customers? Caught up in a culture of blame?

This illuminating book shows how to bring about deep and lasting change; making work work better for you, your colleagues and your customers.

Whatever type of work, whatever size of organisation, The 3D Workplace strips away the jargon and gives you a common sense, rapid-impact way to:

Effective working Team-by-Team

Streamlining processes End-to-End

Continuously improving Again-and-Again

The 3D Workplace is now used by organisations across the world in every sector. Packed with real-life examples and case-studies this book will transform your work environment.


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