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The 3D Workplace

This contains the full set of downloads for The 3D Workplace. This includes:

- A Fractal View of Lean white paper
- 3D OE in a remote working environment
- 3D OE Leadership Course overview
- Apple Tree capacity template
- Value Stream mapping templates
- T3DW Process Team matrix XLS
- T3DW Skills and Demand matrix XLS

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A Fractal View of Lean - small

This innovative article by James Lascelles provides an illuminating and thought-provoking perspective on lean using fractal thinking. He argues that the approach has several advantages, such as enabling a more rounded definition of lean, helping engender positive team work and engagement and can lead to more effective implementation at different organisational scales. 

3D OE Remote Working - small

This viewpoint paper is based on extensive experience in delivering 3D operational excellence (OE) initiatives in remote working environments. 3D experts share their experience on how the shift to remote and hybrid working impacts 3D OE initiatives and how the associated challenges can be overcome.

3D OE Leadership Course Overview - small

This overview summarises the purpose, approach and outcome of the 3D OE Leadership Course.

The Apple Tree Template - small

The Apple Tree template provides a fast, fun and collegiate way for colleagues to brainstorm and agree how they can free up more time for high value-add activities by removing the waste and low/zero value work that clogs up so many work environments. It can be printed out as a poster or projected onto a whiteboard.

Value Stream Mapping Template - small

The Value Stream Mapping templates provide a standard way to capture what's actually happening on the ground.

Information captured includes activities, volumes, process and lead times, problems and opportunities.

T3DW Process Team Matrix - small

The 3D Process Team matrix is a fast and simple way to plan and track the priorities, scale and pace of your 3D initiative.

The download is an Excel spreadsheet which can be expanded and adapted to the processes and teams in your environment.

T3DW Skills & Demand Matrix - small

The Skills and Demand Matrix is a simple way for teams to work out the types and capacity levels of skills required to handle their work based on demand patterns and volumes.